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Zoran Bošnjak

Hi! My name is Zoran Bošnjak. I am z-admin CMS architect, developer and designer.

Excluding my full time job, I spend time by walking my dog, going to gym, smelling the wild flowers and – you guessed – working on z-admin CMS! 

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At a glance

Well you guessed correctly, z-admin CMS is a Content Management System for ASP.NET (written in .NET Framework 4) where user can manage pages, add articles and do various stuff. Great :)! But z-admin is not just a CMS. It is a very flexible framework, based on program modules and templates. That means every part of your website is editable. Editable parts are based on installed theme. Z-admin theme is a regular HTML file. On editable parts you can add modules (z-admin embedded or custom) - which are .NET controls. You can add modules to any part of website, including editable parts, pages and articles. So what does that all mean ? It means z-admin IS DESIGNED for you to explore your creativity, and to suit needs of web designer, web developer and web moderator. Also, due simplcity and absolutely none programming skills needed to create theme, it is very easy to convert existing static website to dynamic (z-admin CMS powered) website!

Hundreds of CMS programs out there ...

What to choose ? :-/ Yes, it is true - there are many great CMS programs on the Internet, and number of them are developed by large community. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, just to name a few. However, vast majority of them are made on PHP technology. Only very few of them are made on .NET Framework (like Umbraco, Kentico, Orchard, etc.). Also, number of them are expensive! If you are not familiar with terms PHP and .NET, I can make a parallel by comparing Cessna(PHP) with Boeing 797(.NET). Both of them are great planes, and it's up to client to decide on which plane shall he board. So you may ask why have I decided to make another CMS? Because none of them had suited my needs(I am a bad, bad person!)as a web designer and developer. I needed CMS that will adapt to a website (adapting website to a CMS and constrain my creativity due limitations of CMS is just wrong). I wanted CMS in which designers can easily design using familiar tools, developers can add new functionalities using Visual Studio, and moderators can easily manage content. So with this ideas in mind, about 18 months ago, project z-admin CMS has born...

Is z-admin CMS right solution for me ?

Right solution for me ? As much as I would like to say YES, there are some aspects you must be familiar with. This program is not portal software, it is not designed to have hundreds or thousands of articles, or blog posts (altough it can work with it quite nicely by using custom modules and CMS extenders). However z-admin CMS is designed for small business and corporate websites; companies that want beautiful and small - yet powerful and flexible website! If you want "out of the box solution" with 1000+ themes, currently this is not possible. If you are experienced web moderator, web designer or .NET web developer - you WILL feel like "on your own terrain" (your "cup of tea", your familiar working environment, capishe ?)! One last thing to keep in mind - this program is WIP (work in progress) (finally version 1.0! Hooray!), I believe program is stable enough for daily use.

Video presentation

In the following videos you will be shown how to install Z-Admin, create and install theme, manage content, add custom modules, add Twitter widget, create Gallery and YouTube playlist and enter Maintenance mode. Enjoy!